The Black of Carvenport is the name given to the drake responsible for the rampage that took place in Carvenport in 1578 MC (135 CY). The drake was the last Black captured in the wild, and it had been over a decade since another Black had been similarly captured. It was caught by the Chainmasters Independant Contractor Company in the south-western region of Arradsia.

The Black was a full-grown adult male, coming in at around sixteen feet from snout-to-tail. The Black was a crafty drake, it faked drowsiness for several hours as it waited for a chance to strike; in which it killed or maimed several handlers by crushing them against the pen walls.

After four months of unsuccessful breeding with captured Black females, Mr. Havelic Dunmorn, Director Carvenport Division, Arradsian Continental Holdings, ordered that the captured Black be harvested.

According to the report by Lodima Bondersil, Mr. Dunmorn wanted to make a celebration of the harvesting in order to boost the low morale of the city. He ordered the harvesting to take place on the same day as the Blood-lot, as well as raffling off 1/50th of the harvested blood to the local populace.

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