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First encountered as a member of Braddon Torcreek's Longrifle Independent Contractor Company. She and Clay met when Clay was brought to meet with Madame Bondersil and Lizanne. She is mute and thus communicates using facial expressions and hand gestures.

Physical Attributes[]


Early Life[]

As a young child she was brought to the testing in Carvenport at the same time as Clay. The White compelled her to dominate her mother's mind and caused her to jump into the vat of blood. Being completely submerged caused her mind to break enough to become a chosen. She used Black to shatter the vat and then break the restraints on the Black Drake, thus leading to the Carvenport disaster.

After the disaster she disappeared and no one really knows what she was up to until Cuentin Skaggerhill met her and offered her a position with the Longrifles.

The Waking Fire[]

She killed Keyvine. She snuck into his hideout and decapitated him. Afterwards she brought the head to Clay as a trophy.

She jumped over the fence when the town was being assaulted by Greens in order to save a rider who turned out to be Loriabeth.

After discovering the cave where the white drake fed on spoiled, she and Clay had sex. Afterwards they began a romantic relationship.

The Legion of Flame[]

Skills and Abilities[]

She is highly skilled with anything bladed. She prefers to use a spear as well as several knives which she is adept at both throwing and wielding in hand-to-hand combat.

She is extremely agile and her senses are highly sensitive.

Silverpin is also an unregistered Blood blessed and is adept at wielding all of the powers associated with the blessed. Due to her relationship with the White, she was able to discover uses for the product that most of blood blessed do not know, such as using blue product to plant "seeds" or ideas within people's minds. She used this power to convince Madadme Bondersil to send the Torcreek expedition as well as to keep the members of the expedition desirous of discovering the White. Only Clay proved resilient to the effects.