Located south of the imperial capital, Scorazin is home to the worst criminals in the empire.

Description Edit

The city is enclosed by a wall. New arrivals are sent into tunnels in order to enter the city so that they have a chance at survival.

The city is governed from within by several gangs, each of which has control over a different resource. The gangs gather every week for Ore Day, when they give their offerings to the guards, who give them supplies in return. Any prisoner who fails to turn in chit will go hungry, and any who tries to turn in fake chit is severely punished.

The only way out of Scorazin is through the heavily armed Citadel. It is manned by a full division of guards armed with rifles and cannon. If any prisoner attempts to escape through the tunnels the guards can press a button and the tunnels are flooded by the river.

The Gangs Edit

The gangs have changed throughout the years, as of Lizanne Lethridge's incarceration there are five gangs.

History Edit

Before it was a prison for the empire it was a mining town. The slaves rebelled against the cruel lord who ruled the town. These rebellions were the inspiration for many of the rebellions which followed.

After the riots were quelled by Imperial legions, a wall was built around the city and it was turned into a prison.

The Legion of Flame Edit

Lizanne Lethrisge appears and begins to work for the leader of the Furies, Electress Atalina. During the next Ore Day Promenade, a bomb goes off and Lizanne rescues the Electress. She is tasked with discovering the maker of the bomb.

Lizanne sets the gangs against each other and in coordination with the Learned Damned, sets off a bomb at the Citadel. The prisoners kill the guards and win their freedom. As they leave Scorazin they set the sulfur pits ablaze, as well as any building that could burn.