One of the most well renowned contractor groups in Carvenport. It has a good reputation for honesty and diligence. Since Braddon Torcreek took over as chief shareholder, it has never lost a member during an expedition nor failed to fulfill a contract.

History Edit

They were one of the successful independent contractor groups in Carvenport, but they rose in distinction when one of their share-hands assisted in putting down an escaped Black.

The Waking Fire Edit

Braddon Torcreek, the share-hand responsible for killing The Black of Carvenport, is now the chief-shareholder of the company. The company was hired by Lodima Bondersil, to make an expedition to the Arradsian interior and track down the legendary White drake. They were also to verify the fate of a previous expedition which had been tasked with a similar mission.

Braddon's nephew Claydon, an unregistered blood-blessed, was tasked with accompanying the group for the purpose of relaying messages and updates via blue-trance to Lizanne Lethridge.

The Legion of Flame Edit

The Empire of Ashes Edit

Contracts Edit

Members Edit

  • Braddon Torcreek- Chief shareholder and expedition leader
  • Fredabel Torcreek- Co-owner, runs logistics and contracts from their base of operations
  • Loriabeth Torcreek- Apprentice Gunhand
  • Claydon Torcreek- Company Blood-blessed
  • Cwentun Skaggerhill- Chief Harvester
  • Visandra Foxbine- First Gunhand
  • Silverpin- Bladehand
  • Preacher- Marksman