The largest foreign settlement on Arradsia and seat of the Ironship Trading Syndicate's power on the continent.

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In the prologue, the last Black to be captured alive is brought to the city to be harvested. It breaks free of its restraints and kills hundreds of people until it is finally put down by Braddon Torcreek and Lodima Bondasil.

The city is besieged by Corvantine forces until an invasion of blue drakes destroyed the Corvantine fleet and trapped the remaining people in the city. Greens patrolling the jungle kept people from retreating, while Reds patrolled the skies.

Under the guidance of Lizanne Lethridge, acting in place of the recently deceased Lodima Bondersil, a plan for the temporary defense and evacuation of the city was put in place. Jermayah and Tekela set to work instructing other artisans in the manufacturing and assembling of the new Growler and Thumper firearms. The citizens entrenched themselves, setting up gunnery nests along the walls to combat the Reds, Greens, and Spoiled, while the manufacturers worked

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